Crescent View Condo Units for Rent

Only current Crescent View owners can advertise in this space.

Bottom units are allowed no more than four (4) people, and upper units no more than 6 (six) people. Renters are not allowed pets, guests or boats on property. Only one parking spot (your unit's spot). Please let your renters know the rules. Any violations could result in fines to you, the owner.

The Crescent View Homeowners Association provides this information as a service to the owners. It is not intended as a rental pool, and CVHA does not have any agreement with or liability in any of the units for rent.


Unit #107

Lower unit in Building A
Two bedroom, one bathroom. Maximum 4 people.

Great views of the cliffs, inlet and river. New surround sound for your listening pleasure. Call Don Dalseg @ 360-421-7279 or email for rates & availability.