Crescent View is Celebrating Its 33rd Year in Crescent Bar!

Crescent View Condominium is located along the eastern bank of the Columbia River in central Washington state, about 25 miles south of Wenatchee. Surrounded by towering basalt cliffs, an orchard and the mighty Columbia River, this arid, high-desert area has breathtaking views of hills and towering cliffs carved out when an ancient dam collapsed and sent an avalanche of rocks and ice down through what is now the Columbia River gorge.

300 days of sunshine each year give visitors plenty of opportunities for boating, swimming, golfing, fishing, hiking and many other outdoor activities.

For nature lovers, there's plenty to enjoy. Bald eagles, bighorn sheep, deer, elk and wild horses are just some of the wild animals that can be seen roaming the wildlife preserve on the other side of the river.

Only five miles upriver from the Gorge Amphitheater, and with many local wineries dotting the hills around Crescent Bar, there's always something to see or do in this hidden paradise.

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